Metallic Flooring Colorants

Achieving jaw-dropping, wow-factor results is never an easy task when you're working with concrete. With metallic flooring colorants, you can deliver on your customers' desire for brilliant flooring that combines the durability of concrete with three-dimensional effects and a beautiful, glass-like finish.

Metallic Flooring ColorantsThrough a multi-step process, Mesa™ Metallic Flooring Colorants offer endless creativity so you can give any concrete floor a one-of-a-kind, smooth, vitreous finish. Choose from a variety of vivid tones and subtle sparkles that transform floors and create an illusion of movement within the space.

In addition to producing a rich, deep, special-effect surface, Mesa Metallic Flooring Colorants provide valuable performance enhancements. Treated floors resist harsh chemicals and are easy to clean. The inherent barrier protection even includes added heat and water resistance.

Mesa Metallic Flooring Colorants are ideally suited for concrete floors in garages, basements,
warehouses or anywhere a high-tech, exotic finish is desired.

Key Characteristics:

  • Multi-step process
  • Concrete takes on a 3-D, glass-like finish
  • Provides light reflectance to enhance visibility
  • Delivers non-slip, non-skid surface for better traction and grip
  • Provides resistance to chemicals, heat and water
  • Easy clean surface result
  • Custom colors available upon request

Mesa™ Metallic Flooring Colorants Brochure

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Metallic Flooring Color Chips

Click on a color below for a larger sample. Samples designated with a (V) are in our Vibrant line of colors. 

Due to variations in monitors and settings, colors are representative only and should not be considered an exact match. Avient makes no claim to exactness of color hue and tint shown here.


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